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ToniMaria Hawkins

Ms.Tonimaria Anne Hawkins was born in Washington DC in the year 1992. When Ms. Hawkins was 5, she dreamed of becoming an actress and a singer. But as she got older, she developed a love interest in writing short stories, which led to writing novels.

Early Life

She had an English Teacher in elementary school, Aaron LeCoin who inspired her to write her first novel which was published when she was just 22 years old. Ms. Hawkins was raised in Montgomery County Silver Spring and attended high school at Northwood. She graduated 30% top of her class.

Ms. Hawkins began to do Administrative and Communications work just before going to the University of Maryland College Park to finish up her Bachelors in Communication. She’s a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Sorority.

Tonimaria Hawkins

A “Gifted” Author—Imagination Without Boundaries

Ms. Hawkins is a novelist of four books, two are fiction and the other two are nonfiction. Ms. Hawkins was raised by a single mother, and at times, life was a bit challenging for her. Her father was never in her life but she had family from her mother’s side to support her. Not only did Ms. Hawkins overcome her challenges, she was involved in multiple extracurricular activities while working in college. In high school and college, she ran track, played tennis, and was a part of the volleyball team.

Ms. Hawkins is also working on her fifth book Ingenious, the third book in the Gifted Series which will be coming out Christmas 2024. For more information, Toni Hawkins can be reached at thawkins089@gmail.com.