About The Books

Blessed & Cursed: The Gifted Series

Serenity has just completed her second year at UPenn. The day after coming home to Rochester, NY on summer break, she learns her brother, Kendrick, has fallen into deep depression and lost his gifted abilities. She reunites with her first love, Nathan on a special date. The next day, she and Kendrick visit the Grand Coven, the authority over all witches. However, a Beta Coven is trying to take over their power AND believe they’re above ALL coven law. One member almost kills Serenity, but Serenity survives only to be betrayed. She finds herself desperate and torn between her first love, Nathan, and the handsome and powerful immortal warlock, Thomas. Who will she choose?

Gifted: The Gifted Series

The supernatural and Salem witches are back, in this young adult, urban fantasy novel about a girl that doesn’t know everything about her supernatural bloodline… Serenity doesn’t understand what’s happening when she starts experiencing hallucinations about her fate. She has no friends to turn to for help until she meets Kendrick. Kendrick knows a secret about Serenity: she is the youngest descendant of the Salem witch bloodline. As Serenity tries to deal with the side effects of her gift with Kendrick’s help and guidance, she is forced to face a dangerous liaison that affects only her.

Broken & Betrayed

What will you do if you get betrayed not once, twice, or thrice but repeatedly much so that you couldn’t even count on your fingers?

Will you give up everything or stay headstrong amidst the storm?

Gemma-a simple, kind-hearted, and cheerful girl- who went through one obstacle after the other. Read and dwell on the book to know how she made choices that affected her life in a good and a bad way.

Fighting My Demons

All her life, Felinda has suffered from PTSD, Borderline Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder due to the traumatic events that took place when she was twelve years old. She was physically, mentally and sexually abused by her stepfather and was bullied incessantly by her peers. She finds a safe haven with a different family in Chicago. As she adjusts to her new lifestyle, she still doesn’t feel safe and turns to inflicting self-harm on herself as she continues to be bullied by her adopted sister and her friends. Just as she thinks that her life is better than what it used to be, everything goes from bad to worse.